The title says it all. What is more to discuss? Just as a Newsweek's article points out a Brain Freeze when provided with many choices. Too much social media can cause a negative effect that outweighs the benefits.
How to benefit of social media without being dragged down by it? Many business owners struggle with this concept. As an example, a small business owner involved in social media would require a full time employee sitting in front of a computer tweeting, facebooking, linkedIn updating and entertaining the masses. And please excuse my use of the new English verbs.
What do the numbers show? Is there a real marketing study that can relate the social media to business income? Maybe there is such a thing and maybe not and if there is who is paying attention?
The social media frenzy is more about image than substance. It can be summarized with one phrase "A la mode". Translated in English fashionable, cool, trendy. As a business owner you desperately need this label otherwise you are considered a yesterday's business and not viable for the future.
Swimming in the sea of social media one has to have a strong endurance. Meaning having long term goals and aspirations as the rewards are not reaped immediately.
Frustrations aside, the most difficult step is starting and creating the accurate image of who you are and what you offer. It is all about marketing, isn't it?
To make the story short and not to overload the reader, the answer is yes and no. Make your social media presence but do not allocate more than you can afford to it. Enjoy it and use it to your own advantage and do not be used by it.